Welcome to the VS Universe WikiaEdit

This is a fictonal universe made by me vinyl and a friend sycon hence the name,VS Universe slowly i will make my story on this wiki.


Cuz i like my fantasy World

Stuff i did recentlyEdit

  • edit Jericho
    edited by Sycon darkblade diff
  • edit Vinyl Vipermole
    edited by VinylVipes diff
  • new page Characters
    created by VinylVipes
    New page: Vinyl Vipermole Sycon Darkblade Jenny Abrahms Gamma Upsilon Gunpowder Jenkins Sulfur Rain Gloward Markup
  • edit VS Universe Wikia
    edited by FandomBot diff
    Summary: Removal of a deprecated <hero> tag
  • new page Arcadia
    created by VinylVipes
    New page: Arcadia is vinyls sword and can cut trough many things its tipped with cobaltuim a metal that can cut trough all substances even ghosts it closely...
  • new page Magical energy
    created by VinylVipes
    New page: ME or Magical energy is is found in the vs universes atmosfeer people can draw from this power to do amazing feats such as phantom speed its divided...
  • new page Phantom Speed
    created by VinylVipes
    New page: Phantom Speed Is a ME utility that allows you to go faster than most teleportation its amazingly fast, blink and you just might miss the user
  • new page Jericho
    created by VinylVipes
    New page: Jericho is an elite supersoldier squad made combat higly deadly threats Members include: Vinyl Vipermole,co-founder Sycon Darkblade,co-founder...
  • categorization VS Universe Wikia
    edited by VinylVipes diff
    Added photo:
  • edit VS Universe Wikia
    edited by VinylVipes diff

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